Amazon’s Apple Watch App Will Let You Shop From Your Wrist


Though online retailer Amazon wasn’t among one of the many applications Apple introduced this week as coming soon to its new wearable device, the Apple Watch, the company does have an Apple Watch version of its mobile shopping app in the works, we understand. The shopping app will allow consumers to search for products and even buy them from their wrist using Amazon’s 1-Click ordering system.

Of course, it’s not surprising that Amazon will address the forthcoming mobile platform – after all, the company tends to release a version of its shopping app on almost any viable mobile or connected platform, not just its own Kindle hardware. And it already has an Android Wear (i.e., smartwatch) version of its shopping app in the wild, so it makes sense that it would build the Apple Watch counterpart, too.

In fact, our understanding is that the Apple Watch version of the Amazon shopping app will…

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Google Launches New Online Store To Showcase Hardware “Made With Google”


Google is launching a new online store today to showcase “all the latest products made with Google.” The new Google Store, instead of the Play Store, will now become the central spot for buying Google-centric hardware like Google’s own Nexus phones, Android Wear and Nest devices, Chromebooks from Google and its partners, as well as accessories, cases, keyboards and chargers.

The Play Store remains the hub for buying content for these devices, but the hardware from Google and its partners will now only be available in the new Google Store. For the time being, Google will offer free shipping for all purchases, too (but only if you choose the slowest shipping option).

If you made any hardware purchases in the Play Store, all of that information will be automatically transferred to the Google Store.

Google says it’s making this change because “as we’ve added more products to the family, we thought it was time to…

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Meet Google’s New Chromebook Pixel


[tc_dropcap]Google’s Chromebook Pixel has always been an aspirational machine meant to show off Chrome OS at its best. The new version, which Google announced today, continues this tradition.[/tc_dropcap] If you were hoping for a complete redesign, you’ll be disappointed, but just like the old Pixel, the new Pixel is the best Chromebook money can buy. And at the new starting point of $999, it’s a better value, too.

Google has kept the best from the original Pixel and improved all of the issues we found with the first one — battery life being the most important of those.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. The new Pixel will come in two variants: a $999 Core i5 (2.2 GHz Broadwell-U) version with 8GB of RAM (up from 4GB in the original) and a 32GB SSD, and a $1,299 Core i7 “LS” version (2.4 GHz Broadwell-U) with 16GB of…

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In Bid To Get British Kids Coding, BBC To Give Away 1 Million ‘Micro Bit’ Computers


In a move that will bring a nostalgic smile to some British kids (and teachers) of the 80s, the BBC has announced that it is to produce a new educational mini-computer — codenamed the ‘Micro Bit’, a play on the broadcaster’s original ‘BBC Micro‘ computer — and will give away 1 million devices to British school kids aged 11. It will be distributed nationwide from autumn 2015.

The new hardware project is part of the BBC’s wider ‘Make it Digital’ initiative to inspire “a new generation to get creative with coding, programming and digital technology,” as the UK attempts to fill an anticipated ‘skills gap’ in the country’s growing digital economy.

The move, which sees the BBC partner with over 25 organisations to develop the Micro Bit, including chip-makers ARM and Nordic Semiconductor, Microsoft, and Samsung, is also interesting in that it seems determined to address issues that…

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Look Inside The New Retina MacBook Pro’s Force Touch Trackpad And Taptic Engine


Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display got some significant updates last week alongside the big Apple Watch and new MacBook announcements, and one of those was a brand new trackpad that features Force Touch pressure sensitive and a Taptic Engine for haptic (vibration) feedback. Repair experts iFixit took the new computer apart, and the most illuminating part of their teardown was the close-up it provided on the new trackpad’s design.

The particulars of the new trackpad design were partly revealed on stage – Apple showed the part as a key feature in its new MacBook design video and presentation. The one in the new 13-inch Retina MBP is slightly different, owing to the fact that there’s still room in the case to support a physical button-style trackpad like the one that ships in all other exiting Mac laptops, but at heart it’s the same combination of sound and…

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